New in Prague
Orientation mentoring program designed for expats,
managers on international assignments and their spouses/partners

“Write your story in this city”

Program structure: 

    • Local character & culture – how to deal with locals. What to expect and what not to expect, what to be surprised about and what never do.
    • Local infrastructure – what to do if you are sick, how local medical system is working. Moved with kids? How educational system is working here: public and private options?
    • Local leisure & fun – parks, pubs and restaurants, festivals, week-end trips.

Cross cultural quick and intensive training will help you to understand and be understood quicker and have more fun and fulfilling life from the beginning

Why to choose “New in Prague” orientation mentoring program and not let yourself to explore it here yourself? 

    • Save your time and decrease pain of mistakes and disappointments of your very first steps here.
    • Get positive emotions and “I can do it” feeling.
    • Get personal support during this period of instability.

Bonus: After a program you will receive a guide "Write your story in this city" with useful information supporting your adaption.

We are the world
Coaching program is designed for people, who are leading teams or individuals
working with different nationalities and need to get more receptive and goal oriented atmosphere to be able to achieve even better results
“Everyone smiles in the same language”

Program structure:

    • Understanding your culture type.
    • Understanding your counterpart culture type.
    • Commonalities to build it and differences to know and respect.
    • Working out on a plan to proceed.

It’s worked out to support you to understand better biases and communication loops probably you are in and create platform for supportive and forceful work environment

Bonus: Guide “We are the world” with details on 5 nationalities,
including yours and 30 mins follow up session

Business & Career​
A tailored program based entirely on your needs and situation
Finding your key code to unlock your treasures: inspiration, energy, meaningful time, inner resources

Some of the possible elements of this program are listed below. You can choose.
And some of the elements we will designed together with you based on your needs.

    • How to deal with situations in corporate world and on your position? 
    • Understanding better and making the best result of your role.
    • Get best result when working in an international or remote team.
    • Make a career plan for yourself in your company.
    • Dealing with difficult or even conflict situations at work.
    • Professional and personal development with clear road map and goals to achieve.
    • Work-life balance. Prevention of burn out syndrome.
    • Going through time of change? Transition to new role, leading a team through changes, partnership is finished and you create your new life?

Bonus: a free 30 minutes follow-up coaching sessions for sharing a progress
and making improvement action plan if needed

HR Professionals
A program designed to introduce the best HR processes and practices into your organization
It is time to make a difference

Together with a team you really can make a difference in your company! At the same time it’s a lot of responsibility to make the optimal decisions and actions having impact on people and working environment.

You are not alone 😊. I have gone through it in my professional life many times and now looking back I understand that how much I would appreciate a knowledgeable and supportive mentor, who is willing to focus on my professional challenges in order to support me and my company to be successful and meaningful. And my professional journey would be effective and enjoyable.

Some examples where I can help you with?

    • To create internal Development program.
    • To enhance your organization structure and together with top management start building a corporate culture.
    • To set up main processes in HR area.
    • To overcome conflict situations.
    • To prepare yourself to facilitate and moderate effectively management meetings.