Coach Elena Mikhailova

Why my experience and knowledge can be right for you?

I am a business, career and transformation coach and my services are for people who are experiencing change in their lives: either only thinking about them or already in a transition period to a new stage. This period can be challenging and turbulent and I personally know it.  To get the most benefit from it, to make it a learning adventure instead of period of worries and instability is the aim of my programs, designed for you.

My life mission is to support people to shine: to be inspired, to be connected to their values, to be energized and achieve what they really want. I admire potential each of us has inside and it’s a matter of finding a key code to unlock it only. And there is nothing more gifted than unlocking human potential to me.

I have been working in different countries expat myself and went through all stages of adaption. And indeed, expat’s experience can be both excellent and developing as well as demotivating and frustrating.  It is based on my own “ups & downs” that I perfectly understand that professional support will accelerate and facilitate process of adaptation.

My experience in managing people, working in diverse teams, understanding the structure and needs of the business, gives a practical and value added insight for a corporation career coaching.  My interest is work effectively in cross cultural teams. I know by practice that it can be mutually enriching experience or totally disconnection pain.

I´m married to a person of different nationality than mine and I can observe in my daily life that cross cultural differences matter and influence our interpersonal relations.

I have a solid education and experience in coaching, proved by certificate from International Coaching Federation.
And I speak Russian, English and Czech languages. 

For more details see my LinkedIn profile.